Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Module 13: The Truth About Stacey: A Graphic Novel

Citation: Martin, A. M. (2006). The baby-sitters club: The truth about Stacey. New York, NY: Graphix.

Summary: Stacey is fresh from a recent move away from New York and her best friend.  It is before her move that she discovers she has diabetes and her best friend doesn’t fully know about her disease or why she’s sick. Because of this, they part on a strange note and this leaves Stacey apprehensive with sharing her disease with her new friends in her new town.  She is able to make new friends and even become part of a baby-sitting club. Trouble arises when her club suffers some competition from a new baby sitting club that is not of good quality.  Stacey and her friends struggle with finding a way to inform their old, regular customers of the unsafe situations their competition is placing children in. A fast, graphic novel read that using pictures to help tell Stacey’s story.

Impression: Peace and a Girl Read!
I think this graphic novel does a great job of targeting girls' issues. I was surprised at how quickly I was able to read this book and actually it is my first graphic novel I have read.  It is a peaceful read because it has a happy ending with the baby-sitters club outlasting their competition and Stacey being able to mend her friendship with her friend from New York.  Typical girl issues with friendship and competition makes this book a girl friendly read. Sorry, but I cannot say that I truly love this book, although I do feel it is a good one.

Reviews: Gr 5-7Stacey is the new girl in town, She has made three good friends in a babysitters club but her memories of her old friends still haunt her. Many of them, including Her best friend, Laine, ditched her after she was diagnosed with diabetes. Her parents aren't much help; they keep dragging her from doctor to doctor looking for a miracle cure. All Stacey wants to do is manage her condition on her own terms. An impending trip back to New York and a rival babysitting club has Stacey confused and nervous. Will she be able to reconcile with Laine? Will this new group, complete with sitters who can stay up late, end the club for good? The graphic adaptation of the hugely popular series has as much heart as the original. The girls" dedication to the kids they care for and to their friendship never comes off as hokey. The black-and-white cartoons capture each character's personality; the facial expressions say a lot. Each girl has her own style. The outfits have been updated but the skirts haven't gotten shorter. A solid purchase for both school and public libraries.

Mattox, S. (2007). The truth about Stacey. School Library Journal, 53(3), 238.

Use in Library: -This book could be paired with the counselor for him/her to use when completing individual or group sessions with students having problems with friends or having diabetes.  It could also be used with middle school aged girls reading club.

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